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Guess I’m going out.
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I can’t do this anymore. 
I know you’re thinking that you are doing everything right, and I’m the one at fault. But you should be there for me, 24/7 no matter what. Your life is a disaster and it’s bringing me down too. Your lifestyle choice is poison and you’re trying to make me a part of it. I’m never going to live my life the way that you do. I can’t live my life the way you do. How would you expect me to be okay, when I can’t even live day to day normally. All you do is engage in this partying lifestyle, drugs, people. I am not meant for that, my body is not meant for that, my emotions can’t deal with that. All I do is constantly worry about what you’re doing and why you’re asleep all day when I’m going to school and trying to graduate. You think your life is great, and everything that you do is great and that because you’re “not doing drugs” everything is great. You think that this whole life you’re living is normal. Well, it’s not. I know you don’t see the harm in it, but its harming me and I’m not even there. If I was, I don’t even know where I would be. 

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Getting day drunk by myself feels food

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you know what really fucking sucks?

when everything is going okay, you’re feeling pretty good, and then all of a sudden one night you’re outside smoking, or in your room listening to music, and it hits you.

you’re never gonna get better


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Maybe I’ll find someone else to call, when you’re not around, and I need you.

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lacy underwear makes me feel powerful and unstoppable

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